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How to fight against fall armyworm in Africa? Do you have effective solution?

A US government official warned that this year Kenya and other major maize-producing countries in Africa could incur “staggering” food and financial losses from the invasion of a voracious pest known as the fall armyworm. Do you have effective solution to fight against fall armyworm in Africa? Please share it with us, and we will spread the information to reach more farmers in need.

Posted by: agropages      2018-04-20 China

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We manufacture Pheromone Traps & Lures for Monitoring and Mass Trapping of fall armyworm which will help in directing the pesticide sprays when required for control of Egg masses and also Larval stage by Monitoring the pest with Pheromones and also Mass trap the adults for suppressing the larval population by Pheromone Mass trapping. Laxminarayana Praharaju AG BIO SYSTEMS PRIVATE LTD India Email



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