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Is There a Safe Alternative to Glyphosate?

Europe Union approved glyphosate five years renewal last year after tough negotiation. But just some days ago, Greece, which once opposed the EU's plan to re-authorise glyphosate, granted glyphosate five years approval. Whether the authorities realized that it is not sensible to phase out glyphosate until the effective alternative products developed? I remember some EU member states and other agencies have called for more research on the development of glyphosate alternatives. I am a little curious, currently, how many products on the market can be used as an alternative to glyphosate? Does any company have such a product?

Posted by: agropages      2018-03-15 China

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Jim Ossman United States 2018-05-09

What has been said previously on the topic is pretty much all there is. Nothing represents a better comprehensive alternative. Glyphosate has been and still is the least harmful and effective herdicide we have. Ignoring the science is not smart for agriculture. No better alternatives.

Ruby Lee China 2018-05-09

We can supply glufosinate, feel free to contact me wechat/whatsapp:+86-18577860806

dhughes UnitedKingdom 2018-04-04

Whilst many of the chemicals suggested in this discussion are decent herbicides, all of them - including acetic acid - are more toxic than glyphosate. So no chemical has yet been invented which combines the excellent broad spectrum herbicidal activity of glyphosate with such a benign toxicological profile.

saeed1940 Pakistan 2018-03-22

Zohaib has presented another good option to replace Glyphosate with Glufosinate-ammonium . There is another non-selective herbicide , Diquat dibromide , which can also be considered as alternate to Glyphosate. These can be adopted effectively depending on various situations. These can be formulated into mixtures to broaden their impact.

zohaib United States 2018-03-22

Glufosinate is the closest broad spectrum non selective herbicide that can replace Glyphosate. We are biggest producer of Glufosinate in world with capacity of 15000 MT and successfully doing business around the globe. email id:

star China 2018-03-19

glufosinate will be the choice

saeed1940 Pakistan 2018-03-19

Paraquat can act as alternate to Glyphosate , but not comprehensively . Needs to check if increase in number of applications of Paraquat can help to replace Glyphosate.

Andrew Mchugh Australia 2018-03-16

Hoe ..…

Andrew Mchugh 2018-03-22

@Andrew Mchugh   Fire and brimstone?

Dion McBay 2018-03-19

@Andrew Mchugh   Hoe No!!! Ha—- Talk about a long tough day in the sun!!! Blisters and callouses at no extra charge!!! Hoe no!!!!

Eric Bjerregaard United States 2018-03-16

Sure there is. Just get all those organic loving hypocrites out there weeding. that will be safe for everything except consumer wallets.

Jim Ossman United States 2018-03-16

No. But alternatives like Paraquat represent a much higher risk to handlers. The real alternative is gmo crops resistant to a multitude of herbicides. But none represent lesser risk than glyphosate. This was a calculated political play from the beginning. Take down the least hazardous product, the rest will fall like dominoes. I'm guessing that's what was said in the Greenpeace boardroom discussion group many years ago.

Kurt Spingath 2018-03-19

@Dion McBay   thanks, I found the label, not my market do good to know

Dion McBay 2018-03-19

@Kurt Spingath   Glufosinate is marketed by Bayer as Liberty and the GMO for it is Liberty Link - most popular in canola and cotton. Some acres in soy. Allows over the top apps season long in most crops.

Kurt Spingath 2018-03-19

@Jim Ossman   When you are looking at GMO there is no replacement. Glufosinate wouldn't be used in crop. I doubt there is any Glufosinste resistant GMO. It's been used non crop to treat gly resistant weeds. In crop it would be used preplant or preemergence or hooded sprayer at active growth of the crop.

Jim Ossman 2018-03-19

@Kurt Spingath   it would require a gmo crop to be used in season, correct?

Kurt Spingath 2018-03-19

@Jim Ossman   Glufosinate is the closest broad spectrum non selective herbicide to glyphosate that I know of. It was the active people in the EU were going to use if they list glyphosate. Different MOA so good for gly resistant weeds. Not as broad spectrum as gly though

Jim Ossman 2018-03-19

@Norm DaFarmer Peters   I don't know why anyone would risk it down there. We do need dicamba up here in the dryland for resistance management reasons, but try not to use it anywhere near grapes or other sensitive crops. We also have cutoff dates for different cropping zones.

Norm DaFarmer Peters 2018-03-19

@Jim Ossman   it is the worst. I have nothing good to say about

Jim Ossman 2018-03-19

@Norm DaFarmer Peters   Don't start Norm. We went through this year's ago in Oregon with 24D and 245T. The activists came outta the woodwork. It is interesting that as I remember, in CA, you grape guys used to do a foam application between the rows. Many many years ago ago. You want to go through all hormonal stuff with that group. IMHO.

Norm DaFarmer Peters 2018-03-19

@Jim Ossman   Maybe these types can use 2-4-D as an alternative Jim. Hahahaha

Bernie O'Neill 2018-03-16

@Jim Ossman   I agree, old worthless drifting product.

Guest United States 2018-03-16

Pulling weeds by hand.

Dion McBay 2018-03-19

@Michael TAVERNIER   not fun!!!

Michael TAVERNIER 2018-03-19

@Dion McBay   I remenber too .. me it was in sugar béat when some weeds were not killed by herbicides

Dion McBay 2018-03-19

@Michael TAVERNIER   with the appropriate investment in these laborers' health and human rights- this picture would account for hundreds of dollars per acre produced in today's world

Dion McBay 2018-03-19

@Judi Graff   Oh my!!? That was my job as a farm kid in soybeans in the 80s- I was ineffective like fighting a never ending battle, and the sunburn and bug bites were something I'll never forget!!

Michael TAVERNIER 2018-03-16

@Judi Graff   Not false .. like in 19th century

Stanton Gill United States 2018-03-15

In one of our research, we found that 5-10% acetic acid herbicide products can give viable control of very small, young weeds. It could be a potential alternative to glyphosate.

dhughes 2018-03-16

@Stanton Gill   Acetic acid is much more hazardous than glyphosate! Just because something is familiar and natural doesn't necessarily mean it is safer. Check out the tox data (taken from the corresponding material safety data sheets): Acetic acid: Acute rat oral toxicity (LD50): 3310 mg/kg; mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells; mutagenic for bacteria and/or yeast; extremely hazardous on inhalation; extremely irritating and corrosive to skin; extremely irritating and corrosive to eyes Glyphosate: Acute rat oral toxicity (LD50): > 5, 000 mg/kg; no evidence of mutagenic effects during in vivo and in vitro assays; no inhalation risk; no to slight skin irritation; no to slight eye irritation

Guest Portugal 2018-03-15

Belchim Crop Protection just launched Katoun Gold, it's a natural herbicide that guarantees to be an effective alternative to glyphosate , for the management of vegetable coverage in urban areas and roads in Portugal. It is a product that does not have persistence in the soil, degrading very quickly without toxicological classification. It is a reference product in France and other countries.

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