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Recently, dicamba drift incident in the U.S.A has aroused widespread concern, which will definitely promote further exploration of pesticide anti-drift. Could you pls recommend some anti-drift products/technologies/ integrated solutions to us?

Posted by: agropages      2017-10-25

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Carsten Riedl


BREAK-THRU SP 133 is a tank-mix adjuvant based on polyglycerol ester chemistry providing anti-drift properties. The dose rate in field is about 300 ml/ha. BREAK-THRU? SP 133 is a bio-based surfactant on renewable sources, without any tox- or hazardous classification, safe to the environment and biodegradable. Designed to increase the retention of the spray solution and to improve the uptake of active ingredients, this product is high performing and shows furthermore excellent anti-drift properties. This newly developed product is so far registered in Germany as tank-mix adjuvant and additionally approved by FiBL for organic farming. The drift reduction performance of BREAK-THRU? SP 133 is proven in many wind tunnel trials in combination with pesticides. The lipophilic character of BREAK-THRU? SP 133 leads to an earlier break-off of the aqueous spray solution film and thereby forming bigger droplets. It reduces effectively droplets being smaller sized than 150 ?m. Less drift combined with higher retention results into less uncontrolled environmental exposition. Using BREAK-THRU SP 133 makes pesticide application safer and more effective. For more information please contact

Ron Kayea

United States2018-01-22

Croda offers several formulation solutions that mitigate drift. Atplus DRT-100 and Atplus DRT-NIS are built-in and tank-side solutions (respectively) that work by narrowing the particle size distribution, producing less driftable fines while maintaining surface coverage ability. Please visit for more information.



According to what I have learnt, Solvay launched water-based AgRHO Ultimate and oil-based AgRHO Starguar 4A in Asia Pacific, which can reduce drift and enhance biological efficacy. The company has also introduced AgRHO Aero-mate platform for tailor-made tank-mix adjuvants, optimized for aerial application(drone and plane)with promising results. It was said the AgRHO Aero-mate is commercially available.

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