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  • Jesse Rosales

    Jesse Rosales Ask a question 0 answers



    Branded Technologies Portfolio Manager- Pesticides of Wilbur-Ellis Company

  • Naveen Khetarpal

    Naveen Khetarpal Ask a question 0 answers



    Naveen Khetarpal (Mr.), Indian Patent Agent & Experienced Intellectual Property (IP) Professional working in field of Agrochemicals in India.

  • Bob Reiter

    Bob Reiter Ask a question 0 answers



    As Head of Research & Development (R&D), Bayer Crop Science, Dr. Robert(Bob) Reiter serves as a member of the company’s Executive Leadership Team. Based in Monheim, Germany, Reiter oversees the crop science research and development pipeline, leading thousands of scientists in the creation of world-class sustainable agricultural solutions with the goal of helping farmers grow enough safe and affordable food while protecting the planet that sustains us.

  • Mr Somnath Nandi

    Mr Somnath Nandi Ask a question 0 answers



    Somnath is the Vice President of Vanguard Kemagro Pvt Ltd. which is an export marketing company and helping many Indian manufacturers to reach to complex markets in a sustainable business model. Somnath can be reached at and his skype is krsomnath

  • Jagresh Rana

    Jagresh Rana Ask a question 0 answers



    President of Asia-Africa at Monsanto Company

  • Alexander Tokarz

    Alexander Tokarz Ask a question 0 answers



    Head Global Marketing Seeds, Syngenta

  • Luciano Galera

    Luciano Galera Ask a question 0 answers



    Marketing, Research and Development Director of Ourofino Agrociência

  • Mariana Vasconcelos

    Mariana Vasconcelos Ask a question 0 answers



    CEO of Agrosmart

  • Norival Bonamichi

    Norival Bonamichi Ask a question 0 answers



    President of Ourofino Agrociência

  • Svitlana Synkovska

    Svitlana Synkovska Ask a question 0 answers



    Marketing director of APK-Inform

  • Wade Barnes

    Wade Barnes Ask a question 0 answers



    CEO of Farmers Edge

  • Ya Su

    Ya Su Ask a question 0 answers



    President of Milagro Chemicals

  • Emilhano Lima

    Emilhano Lima Ask a question 0 answers



    Head Seedcare Latin America and Key Account Manager Customer Unit Head Brazil at Syngenta

  • Alexandre Manzini

    Alexandre Manzini Ask a question 0 answers



    Product manager, Insectisides and ST at Nufarm

  • Raghavan Sampathkumar

    Raghavan Sampathkumar Ask a question 0 answers



    Stewardship Director from CropLife Asia

  • Roberto Rissi

    Roberto Rissi Ask a question 0 answers



    Roberto has over 40 years of strong technical and management experience in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, worked for multinational seed companies such as DuPont Pioneer, Cargill & Monsanto and Syngenta. Now he works as independent consultant and also gives some classes at University of Sao Paulo in the Agribusiness MBA.

  • Matthew Kovac

    Matthew Kovac Ask a question 0 answers

    Advocacy & Comms Dir


    Matthew Kovac is the Advocacy Director at CropLife Asia based in Singapore. He is responsible for building partnerships with government, policy experts, NGOs and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector across Asia Pacific.

  • Bill Stoneman

    Bill Stoneman Ask a question 0 answers

    Executive Director,


    Bill Stoneman has served as the executive director of the Biopesticide Industry Alliance since 2008. He serves the biopesticide and organic industries through regulatory consultation, assistance with organic listing of biological crop inputs and biological crop development. Previously, Bill was business development manager at Chr. Hansen, a Danish biotechnology company with ventures in food, agriculture, and industrial applications of microorganisims.

  • Dr. Andreas Wais

    Dr. Andreas Wais Ask a question 0 answers

    Managing Director


    Dr. Andreas Wais is Managing Director of Eurofins Regulatory AG

  • Venky Ramachandran

    Venky Ramachandran Ask a question 0 answers



    Venky Ramachandran works as a Lead Product Manager with iConcept Software Services, a leading Agritech Vertical SaaS firm, based out Hyderabad, India.