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What is the main change and challenge in agchemical formulation development in your country/area?

Could you please introduce the change of the agriculture demand in your area in these years, as well as the change of the regulation and policy? Accordingly what are the main changes and challenge brought to the formulation development and application development.

Posted by: graceyuan2017      2018-02-21 China

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Agrochemicals market disruptions in China is one of the main challange as we badly dependent on TC and other raw materials for our local production. Also, new technologies and excess capacity in some fields creating bad atmospehere for long term investment decisions.

PIney Chung


In China, 14% of registered pesticides are biopesticides, the number of biopesticide patents only less than the United States. This market has a CAGR of 12% between 2014 to 2019. In 2015, the Chinese government published the 2015-2030 White Paper on Agriculture Sustainable Development, the pollution control and restoration of agro-ecology are the political tasks. All mean the Bio-based formulations are the key market trend in the future Secondly, the R&D of plant-based monomers need more investment in China. We focus on the alternatives of mature products, we need more innovation. There has a good news, due to the market share change of drug with preparation, the tax rebates of preparation may increase. It will increase the enthusiasm of suppliers.

Augusto Goncalves


A real and big challenge we are dealing in the development of agrochemical formulation in Brazil, concerns the toxicity essays that are required during the registration process to be submitted to the regulatory agencies. I`m not criticizing, it is not the point, but I would like to discuss about the new necessities of formulation ingredients (surfactants, etc.) to attend these legislation requirements. Another point to introduce, would be related to the challenges in formulation technology due to the growing demand of mixtures of active ingredients (and many times incompatibility). This confrontation implies in a more accurate planning and investigation by the researcher at the development of a really robust final I believe that my colleagues would like to read something involving this because they all fall into the same problems.

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