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Which minor crops are suffering the unavailability of agrochemicals in your country?

According to EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility (MUCF), because of the extensive data packages required for authorization to market plant protection products, growers face increasing difficulties in gaining authorization for “minor uses”. Minor uses of pesticides are uses on niche crops with a high economic value for farmers, but usually of low economic interest for the agro-pesticide industry. This leads to a lack of authorized products on the market for farmers to use on these crops which in turn can lead to illegal uses or to loss of crop production. Recently, some South American countries are trying to take action to solve the problem. You can read related articles below. US EPA releases new Pesticide Registration Notice on determination of minor use Argentina extends agrochemicals list for minor crops Brazil partners with Canada and US in agrochemical use on minor crops

Posted by: Christina Xie      2018-12-10 China

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