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Asian soybean rust is the most important disease in soybean, the yield loss being from 10% to 90%, dependent on the geographical region where the disease was reported. What are the key points in controlling Asian rust?

Posted by: Christina Xie      2018-09-04 China

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Rafael Pereira


There is no doubt that the main measure for this disease control is still done by spraying fungicides; some three to four applications on average are done per soybean cycle in Brazil. The fungicide should be used as soon as the first symptoms are visible or must be preventative (preferable) and have the resistance gene.

Luis Demant


The main point in the control of Asian soybean rust is the selection of an effective product and using the chemical tools in a program that involve all good agricultural practices, including select cultivar, area, planting time, fertilizing, and soil preparation.

Jean Zonato


The use of an efficient product since the beginning of the soy cycle is one of the most important decisions for growers after the crop implantation. The choice of a wrong fungicide can predispose the crop for higher infestation along the cycle. After the soy rust appears, there aren’t products powerful enough to stop the disease completely; if growers start wrongly, the risk of losses is high.

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