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What are the new products and technologies recently introduced to the Latin American market by your company?

Posted by: agropages      2017-04-25 China

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Kasugamycin , Ningnanmycin , Polyxin . Environment friendly products

Eduardo Zanardi Migu


ProNutiva? is an exclusive program that integrates biosolutions with conventional active ingredients to deliver crop solutions that meet the real-world needs of growers. A ProNutiva program may cover plant needs either throughout the season or at a specific development stage of the crop, and application could be via seed treatment, in-furrow, fertigation or foliar spray and includes separate or combined applications of Arysta LifeScience biosolutions and/or crop protection products.



Some New Combination Products in Colombian Market, Some of newer generation herbicides in Mexico

Jaime Corona


Agromil Plus Rooting Crezymax

Dave Parsonson

United States2017-05-18

Pheromone based mating disruption control products for use in apples, pears, citrus, vines, walnuts, cherries, brussels sprouts and peppers



Adjuvants for drift control Adjuvants for better penetration

Sarah Keyes

United States2017-05-05

H2 GrainGage The H2 GrainGage combines the reliability of HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage with “H2 Technology”. This unique signal processing and grain handling results in unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy. This product comes in a compact, lightweight package, ideal for small-plot harvesters and stationary research threshing operations. Mirus Field Data Collection Software Mirus was developed to produce maximum data collection performance. With multiple ways to view data through easy-to-access screens and menus, this product’s user interface features finger-friendly icons and easy-to-use navigation menus. With a simple and efficient workflow, loads of data at your fingertips, note-taking features, and plugin versatility, Mirus is the perfect software companion for industry standard HarvestMaster? GrainGages?. GNSS Field Mapping Plugins for Mirus The Mirus GNSS Field Mapping Plugin saves time and money by reducing field visits and time spent measuring. GPS is used to map the perimeter of the field, eliminating the need for any manual measurement. It also gives you the ability to adjust perimeter on the fly, even after the ground has been worked. Easy exportation options allow you to view a perimeter on Google earth for a clear satellite view of your plot area. This plugin provides assurance and ease from start to finish. From initial field layout to note-taking navigation all the way to improving harvest efficiency.

Roger Gilmore

United States2017-05-04

S formualtions of Pendimethalin and Clomazone. Combination products of Azoxystrobin Cyproconazole, Azoxystrobin Flutriafol,

Suwanie Wilathgamuwa


Caromax 28, Caromax 28 LN, Caromax 20, Caromax 20 LN



Sucker & Lepidopter Coformulation

Aidee Estrada


still in process herbices post -treatment for rice and control of Rot in transport for banana



New biofungicides

Augusto Meneses

United States2017-05-01

NutriSphere-N (for nitrogen fertilizers) and Avail (for phosphate fertilizers) Take Off NutriPhite Sterics

Sandeepa Kanitkar


Granular biofertilizers for N, P, K and Zn supplementation. ANTI-STRESS biostimulant

Fabio Domingues


Besides Brazil, Vigna Brasil Group is now attending in all segments supportting in all Latin American countries as intermediar and coordinating the work conducted by selected and confident consultants in each country.






Prothioconazol, picoxistrobin, piriproxifen maybe

Pedro Guivisdalsky


Biostimulants based on humic acid, sea weed, fulvic acids aminoacids and plant extracts, PGPR based on bacteria consortium, a bio nematicide based on saponins and plan extracts, plant elicitors based on chitosan/chitin

Chuck Kupatt PhD

United States2017-04-26

Photon biostimulant provides increased productivity of soybeans, corn, cereals, and improved quality of horticultural crops. It protects crops against adverse environmental conditions, such as excess heat, light, cold, salinity, etc. Photon Color was introduced in Chile to help with apple, grape, and cherry coloration.



we are working in the evelopment of fungicides. we are introducing new mxtures, new AI, and making some field trials with old school fungicides to check their performance.

Pedro Caldari Junior


Biostimulants (algae based) and nano particles fertilizer.



our pingxiang red anyuan humic acid co ltd worked in organic fertilizer for 17years advantage products humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid, seaweed fertilizer we can do different specification or as your formulation to meet different market requirement.

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